Each Monday afternoon during the school year (3-4:30PM), we have the privilege of working with a wonderful group of  students here at ETBC.  With the help of a dedicated group of leaders, we seek to impact these children’s lives by assisting them with their studies and by simply loving them.  Each child is provided tutoring for one hour with a one on one tutor and enrichment using our computer lab.  We try our best to meet each child’s individual needs by communicating with the child’s teacher through a folder.

In addition to academics, we read a bible story each week and pray with the student.  We have been blessed with an updated computer lab with internet access.  This allows students the opportunity to explore educational websites and games that are appealing to them. Through educational games students are able to learn new skills and polish others while playing games that meet their individual learning needs.  The children thoroughly enjoy this time and look forward to their lab time each week.

If you would like more information about your child getting involved or about how you can get involved as a volunteer, please contact Mark Marshall at the church office.  828-632-2564